The Mommy Wars: Stuff That Doesn't Really Matter Anyway

There’s another one scrolling across my newsfeed: Moms Who Give Birth Via C-Section Have It Easier.  Articles and blog posts that incite controversy among moms abound.


I will guarantee you that the comments section of that article will become a battle ground for moms around the world.

I became a mom for the first time 15 years ago, and this is what I’ve learned: the stuff that I thought was a super big deal, really isn’t.  Things like:

Breast Vs. Bottle: Is your baby being fed?  Yes?  Great!  If your answer is no, there are bigger issues at hand.  In 15 years, it won’t matter HOW you fed your child, just that you DID feed your child.

Natural Birth Vs. Medicated Birth Vs. C-Section:  Was your baby born?  Yes?  Great!  No justification for the “how” is required.

Solids On A Schedule VS Baby-Led Weaning:  Is your baby growing, alert and relatively healthy?  Great!  You’re doing everything right!

Cloth Vs. Disposable: Do you change your baby’s diapers?  Great, keep it up!  When he becomes a teenager, he won’t care what kind of diapers they were, and chances are, neither will you.

Work Outside The Home Vs. Stay At Home: Do you love your children and spend time with them?  Because that’s all that really matters.

Homeschool Vs. Public School: Is your child getting an education?  If so, you’re doing exactly the right thing!

Family Bed Vs. Own Beds: Is everyone getting enough sleep?  If not, you can worry.  If they are, continue as you were.

CIO Vs. Attachment Parenting: Does it work for you?  Yes?  Then keep doing it.

Small Family Vs. Large Family:  Are you happy with the size of your family?  Yes?  Then who cares what others think of it?

The point is, the things that we think are a huge deal when we’re right in the middle of them, turn out to be not so important when we’re looking back. 

What are your priorities for your kids?

I want my kids to have a solid knowledge of their faith and a personal commitment to it, I want them to treat others the way they want to be treated, and I want them to understand what responsibility and commitment are when it comes to the other people in their lives.

And guess what? None of that has anything to do with whether I breastfed them or not. 

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