DIY Packing Cubes


I’m packing up my things for my trip to Fort HopeI have to fit a ton of stuff in just my allowed carry-on bags … because I’m frugal like that ;-).

I’ve got four plane rides within one week, and I just can’t bring myself to pay for checked luggage on each of those flights.  It’s money that could be used for so many other things.

So, I’m doing my best to get everything into my 40L backpack (which just falls within the carry-on guidelines) and one stuff sack (which will be my “personal item” carry-on).

In the video below, I walk you through how I managed to get everything into my pack.  I love the idea of using packing cubes to make packing easier.  They keep things organized and they keep things compressed.  No more unfolding clothes as I root around to get something in the middle of the pack!

But, I really did not want to pay for actual packing cubes, because you know, frugality.  So I headed to one of my favourite places: the Dollar Store!  In this case, Dollarama.

I found these great mesh organizers in the stationary aisle.  I guess they’re intended for carrying papers or maybe as oversized pencil cases.  But I had other plans for them.


I sorted my clothes (rolled, not folded) into them in these categories:

  • pants (large mesh organizer #1)
  • tops (large mesh organizer #2)
  • pajamas & heavy socks (large mesh organizer #3)
  • regular socks & underwear (medium mesh organizer #1)

I also used one each for these items:

  • powdered drinks & tea, sugar & creamer (small mesh organizer #1)
  • snacks (fruit bars, granola bars, etc) (small mesh organizer #2)
  • craft supplies & tracts (give-aways for the kids) (large mesh organizer #4)

Now I know exactly where to find each item, and even if I have to pull out a few mesh bags to get to something, my clothes will still stay folded and organized!  They all fit perfectly, and I didn’t have to invest in pricey “Packing Cubes”.

My sleeping bag stuff sack still needs a little condensing (you’ll see it in the video), but at least the rest is taken care of!

Do you have any packing advice to share?  How do you maximize your suitcase or backpack space?

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