Joyce Meyer: Who Needs A Reason? Just Believe!

I heard a clip of Joyce Meyer speaking on the radio – one of those short devotional-type sound bites that is supposed to be inspirational and uplifting. The gist of the clip was that we don’t need the reasons for things … we just need to have faith in God.

While God does require our faith in Him and in Jesus Christ as our Savior, He doesn’t expect blind faith (even though it would be entirely His right to demand that). He has given us so much evidence of His existence, and provides answers for so many of the questions we have in the Bible. We are created in His image, and as such, He has given us the capacity for reason and logic. To not employ those skills would be irresponsible. While God doesn’t explain EVERYTHING to us, He does explain MANY, MANY things to us. If you have a question about God or His actions, chances are that there is a reasonable answer to your question. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop asking! God is far bigger than any questions we have!

This is my reaction to that radio spot. Along with that, check out my new swag from the Bracelet of the Month Club!

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