6 Great Reasons to Marry Young

1. You’re young enough to think that living as newlyweds with 11 college guys and an East Indian family of 5 is a great adventure.

2. You’re broke enough to think that the $200 in your brand new joint bank account is a ton of money.

3. You have enough energy for late nights, early mornings, 3 a.m.-ers, “lunch breaks” and “Oh, did I forget my coat in the bedroom (living room, shower, kitchen, etc)?  Can you help me find it?”.

4. You have so little to start off with that you don’t bother registering for wedding gifts, because you need everything anyway.

5. You have no career or kid ties to keep you in one place, meaning you can move out west, up north, or down east at the drop of a hat and with $30 in your pocket.

6. You appreciate everything — the $700 Chevette that took you a year to pay off (after it was scrapped), the 500 square foot apartment that’s ALL yours, the $160 paycheck that you worked hard for all week, the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want to (as long as it’s free, which generally means one thing …), and the fact that you’re sharing all of this with the one person that you’ve chosen to spend your life, money, and home with, have babies with, fight with, and to grow old with.

Marrying young — it’s not for everyone, but I would humbly suggest that it’s something many more Christians should consider 😉

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